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STORMER - Vertical Shoulder Holster with Tie Down

The Stormer made by Stoner Holsters is a vertical custom shoulder holster designed to allow the user draw the most natural way possible. The Stormer comes with a shoulder harness, double horizontal magazine pouch, magazine side tie down, holster shell, and removable holster insert. The removable holster insert pivots inside of the shell allowing the user to draw from any position. The removable holster insert has a stainless steel reinforcement and lining option available. The holster insert also includes a pull through break, eliminating the need to use your thumb to release your holster. The Stormer attaches at your belt with a stainless steel reinforced leather connector and is then tied down to your belt. This keeps the holster from moving and makes it feel solid. 

STORMER Features:

  • Effortless Pull-through snap to secure your gun in the holster.
  • Pivoting holster allows you to draw your gun at the most natural angle for you
  • Pivoting holster is secured with a thick piece of elastic. This will snap the holster back into an up-right position when you don't have a grip on your gun
  • All pieces are included! Yes, tie downs too. See list below for a full list of what comes with this shoulder rig
  • Veritcally carried for maximum concealment
  • Combat Grip accessible
  • The fully adjustable harness is Chrome-Tanned for added comfort
  • Holster insert and mag pouch can be easily replaced, allowing you to switch out for a different gun without readjusting your harness.
  • Available in Havana Brown and Black
  • Right and Left handed designs available
  • Everything but the harness is made from premium Veg-Tanned cowhide
  • Lifetime guarantee from any manufacturing defects
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Stormer Vertical Shoulder Holster includes:
Shoulder Harness
Holster Shell (What size do I need?: Start with your arm relaxed down at your side, measure from the top of your arm pit to the bottom of your belt. Please leave additional measurements in the comments section.)
      Available in:
Horizontal Double Magazine pouch
Magazine side tie down
Removable Holster Insert

If your gun is not listed, please check here for a complete list of all 260+ guns available to have holsters made by Stoner Holsters. 

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STORMER - Vertical Custom Shoulder Holster

  • Brand: Stoner Holsters
  • Product Code: STO
  • Availability: If Out of Stock allow up to 4 wk
  • $245.00

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