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Stretching Your Holster

All Leather Holsters will stretch or "Break In" with regular use. If your holster is too tight when you first get it, you may have to assist this process by stretching your holster. The following is a guideline to assist you with stretching your holster.
1. Though it is not necessary, it is better to properly dress your holster prior to stretching. See: Holster Dressing Instructions
2. Place firearm in a plastic bag with substantial thickness or wrap the firearm in waxed paper. The purpose of this is to add thickness to the firearm.
3. Place the bagged or wrapped firearm all the way into the holster. This may take some light force. Do not hit the gun or holster with any type of hammer or other object.
4. Once the firearm is in the holster, hold the holstered firearm with one hand and work the seams by pushing back and forth on the leather near the seams with the other hand approximately 1/16th inch both directions repeatedly. This should stretch the holster enough to make the firearm fit with proper retention, but ease the draw and re-holstering.
5. If this does not stretch the holster enough, you may have to repeat the stretching process up to 4 or 5 times. Still not working? Use multiple bags or layers of waxed paper and repeat the stretching process. Start with 1 bag or one layer and work your way up, one bag or layer at a time. Make sure to check the fit of the holster after each stretch. You may have to let the bagged or wrapped firearm sit in the holster for several hours before working the seams again.

Caution: Do Not Over Stretch Your Holster!!! Over stretching will cause the holster to lose retention.