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Pancake Holster Review

New Stoner Holster - Pancake Version

by PG Wilson via Forum

I just received my latest holster. Since I can find no mention in this forum of Stoner brand, I'll throw this out for everyone. A personal visit from Tennessee to Stoner ( gave me an opportunity to discuss what I wanted and have it built at their facility. Promised delivery of 2 to 3 weeks yielded 9 days - better than advised. I like the workmanship - everything I expected. It rides very close (I am gravitationally challenged) and the 1911 Compact (RIA) fits well in the PAN-10-3 3/4 model. I dislike making a quick review without living with the item -- fresh reviews on brand new items are mostly brag and not long on fact. So, I will not wax on eloquently on the merits nor berate the negatives -- although I see no down side to this holster at the present. The aftermarket rear sight I installed does contact the top of the holster but is not a feature that bothers me.

Another trip to Ohio (properly timed to allow a gun show visit) where I met the owner of Stoner Holsters and commented on the holster. My concerns of inability to quickly extract the 1911 Compact were voiced and instructions received to use the Stoner Holster Dressing as the web site instructed. At that time, I ordered another pancake holster for (Oh Goodness - UNFAITHFUL I AM!) the Charter Bulldog 44 Spec. Now, after liberal use of the Holster Dressing (on both holsters), ease of rapid extraction has greatly enhanced. Do I like them, YES. Would I buy another? Yes. In parting, I wish to mention Stoner Holster has a somewhat different warranty - it is for 100 years (no, I didn't stutter and hold down the zero key too long).

P.S. The Bulldog fit perfectly into the SP101-3 (Ruger) model holster.

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