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Gun Belts – Are They Really Necessary?

Today, we are talking about quality Gun Belts and how they relate to everyday carry of your firearm.

A strong, quality Gun Belt is as important as the strong, quality Holster you choose to carry your firearm.

When you carry your firearm, your holster needs to be in the same place every time. When you train with your gun and holster, you develop what is known as muscle memory. This means that you will draw, raise, shoot and reload your firearm the same way every time just as you train to do it. You need to train as if you were actually in a shoot/don’t shoot scenario every time. My academy instructor used to drill this saying into our heads, “Fight like you train, train like you fight.”

Many people think that carrying their holster and firearm on a department store style belt will work well for them. That is a common mistake. They may be good for holding your pants up, but not built to support your firearm and holster. Most department store belts are made of a single layer of leather or 2 very thin layers of leather glued together over a softer fabric lining and stitched with thinner, weaker thread. These belts will stretch, twist, lose their shape and sag at the location you place your holster. That means that your holster will not stay in one place all the time and will slide forward and backward and sag or pull away from your body and you’ll feel all of the weight of the firearm in one spot. These belts are inexpensive and if worn with a gun, usually last only a few months.

Gun Belts are specifically designed to carry a holster, firearm and mag pouches. They will give you the best support and peace of mind while carrying your firearm. They are constructed out of thicker, higher grade leather, stitched with a higher grade of thread and usually contain a stiffener throughout the length of the belt. These belts will usually have a more durable buckle and snaps that allow for changing the buckle. These belts will not stretch, twist or lose their shape. They have a much stronger vertical strength to prevent the twisting. They will hold your firearm and holster in one spot and hold it close to your body. The weight of your firearm and holster will be distributed throughout the length of the belt and will make them feel lighter, sometimes as if you’re not even wearing a gun. You’re thinking, “I bet these bets are bulky and look like a western movie.” That is not the case. These belts are being made to look like any other dress belt and can also be used for that purpose.

In closing, I have one question. Would you put the cheapest tires on your nice vehicle that carries the most precious cargo, your family? No. Then don’t use the cheapest belt to carry the tools that protect that family.

About the Author:

Mike Knierim
Stoner Holsters Staff

Retired Veteran Police Officer, Firearms Armorer and Holster Sales Manager