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Stoner Holsters 415 IWB Review

Stoner 415 In-The-Waistband with Body Shield

by cjacob via the Gear Talk Forum

I was looking all over for a certain holster for my Walther P99c. I wanted a leather, IWB, tuckable with a bodyshield. It was hard enough just finding a holster built like that, let alone one for a Walther P99. I finally found Stoner Holsters and decided to take a chance on them despite limited information on them. I am writing a little review to add tot he information on these holsters.

I purchased the 415 IWB with bodyshield from Stoner Holsters. It's a nice affordable leather holster. They have a base price of around $50, and provide alternative options for small fees. You can choose to make the holsters tuckable, you can add stainless steel to the opening, and add a cant. I chose only to make the holster tuckable, but in hind sight, I should have added the stainless steel to the rim, and the cant. The holster is very solid and put together well. It has good boning and the fit is near perfect. the bodyshield stops just above the gun, no excess leather and the barrel on the gun comes right to the end of the holster. The holster barely needs any breaking in to draw the gun, and the retention is amazing. The leather is soft and comfortable against the skin, and the clip is a strong steel clip. The holster rides very low, which I like, but the cant would have helped me to get my hand around the handle better.

I paid around $65 for mine, adding the cant and steel rim would have brought it to $83, but worth it in my opinion. If they don't have the specific holster in stock, they will make it and won't charge you until the holster ships. They make holsters for a very large selection of guns. They built my holster in about a month, which is pretty good.

Here are some pictures. If you're looking for this style of holster, I highly recommend this one.
Stoner 415 In-The-Waistband with Body Shield [415]

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