Concealed Carry Options

There are many options for carrying your handgun in a concealed manner. Your body type, the firearm, holster type, and mission all mandate different styles of carry.
It will ultimately comes down to your preference; what feels and works best for you. Select from our concealed carry line of holsters for your best solution.

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Stoner Black Stealth
The Black Stealth made by Stoner Holsters is desi..
Based on 4 reviews.
Stoner FBI Slide
The FBI Slide holster made by Stoner Holsters is made from two premium 7-8 oz. pieces of cowhid..
Based on 9 reviews.
Stoner Leather Paddle Holster
When convenience is important the Leather Paddle Holsters made by Stoner Holsters is a popular choic..
Based on 25 reviews.
Stoner Ankle Holster
The Ankle Holster by Stoner Holsters is the lowest profile ankle holster on the market. Using breath..
Based on 3 reviews.
IWB Nylon Holster (In-The-Waist-Band)
In-the-Waistband Nylon Holster--Small This holster is ambidextrous by changing the metal clip to ..
Stormer Dominator - Vertical Shoulder Holster with Tie Down
For full sized Desert Eagles with quad mags. The Dominator made by Stoner Holsters is a ..
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