The Dominator Shoulder Holster

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One of our customers wearing our Stormer Shoulder Rig. It was made for a Desert Eagle 50 Cal. It also has a quad magazine pouch.

We call it “The Dominatorā€.

The Dominator made by Stoner HolstersĀ is a vertical custom shoulder holster designed to allow the user draw the most natural way possible. The Dominator comes with a shoulder harness, double horizontal magazine pouch, magazine side tie down, holster shell, and removable holster insert. The removable holster insert pivots inside of the shell allowing the user to draw from any position. The removable holster insert has a stainless steel reinforcement and lining option available. The holster insert also includes a pull through break, eliminating the need to use your thumb to release your holster. The Dominator attaches at your belt with a stainless steel reinforced leather connector and is then tied down to your belt. This keeps the holster from moving and makes it feel solid.

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