Professional Speed Scabbard (PSS)

Professional Speed Scabbard (PSS)

Introducing our Professional Speed Holster

  • Leather Construction – Softer and more durable than plastics, conforms to your body – Lasts longer, more comfortable.
  • Custom Molded and Tooled – Better retention, stylish look.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 2 Belt Slots – Holds the holster tight against the body – Easier to conceal.
  • Leather Lined – Sturdy Construction, low profile, smoother draw, protects the finish of the gun better.
  • Full Leather – Covers the entire barrel of firearm – Easier concealment than FBI, Protects firearm from scratches and finish damage.
  • Forward Cant – Tilts firearm forward – Gives you the optimal draw angle, helps conceal the firearm by moving the grip of firearm forward.
  • Outside the Waistband – More Comfort.
  • 100 Year Warranty – This covers manufacture workmanship (not eaten by your dog)

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