Black Friday Sales Event

Friday, November 25th, We are having our annual
Black Friday Sales event in our huge showroom!!!!

1. The first 50 customers in the store will receive a FREE GIFT!!!!

2. From 9am to 10am – Receive 25% off of your entire order!!

 3. From 10am to 11am – Receive 20% off of your entire order!!

4. From 11am to 12pm – Receive 15% off of your entire order!!

5. From 12pm to Close (5pm) – Receive 10% off of your entire order!!

6. Starting on Monday November 21st through November 26th, you can enter to win a    Concealed Carry Gift Basket valued at over $145.00. (In Store Only)  Winner will be  notified by phone after the drawing on Monday November 28th.

Be sure to check back Friday for our Coupon Code for Cyber Monday!!

Discounts do not apply to ammunition, Clearance Items or "Seconds".

OGCA Show – Wilmington, OH

We will be at the OGCA (Ohio Gun Collectors Association) show this weekend at the Roberts Center in Wilmington.
This is always a very interesting show. Come see us if you will be attending. We would love to meet you.

Roberts Centre
Wilmington, Ohio
I-71 at Exit 50 (US 68) Between Columbus,
Cincinnati and Dayton.

The Ohio Gun Collectors Association (OGCA) started from the dream of one man, Miller Bedford. He sent out postcards in 1937 with 1 cent stamps to interested souls. Perhaps it was only natural that the simple, one penny announcement which spawned the world’s largest and oldest assembly of firearms collectors would be generated in Ohio. Nowhere has the spirit of the early American pioneer, the legends and lasting footprints of the old frontiersmen been more deeply perpetuated than in this state named by Iroquois and Wyandotte hunting parties for its “Beautiful River.”



Starting Monday, November 21st, every customer who comes into the store will be given a raffle ticket. Just fill it out and drop it in the bin.  You could win this gift basket that contains any holster of your choice (up to a $71.00 value), a Hoppes cleaning Kit, a Hoppes Bore Snake, Leather Dressing, an LED Flashlight, 107th Edition of The Shooters Bible and The Shooters Bible Guide to Home Defense.(Over $145.00 Total Value!!!)
Drawing will be held at the end of business on Saturday November 26th.  Winner will be notified by phone.  Stoner Holsters employees and Dealers and their employees are not eligible.

November News & Show Dates

We will be at the Bill Goodman’s Gun and Knife Show in Sharonville at the Sharonville Convention Center If you’re in the area drop by and see us.

Directions: Sharonville Convention Center
I-75 & Exit 15 Sharon Rd.  Go west and turn right on Chester Rd (School on right at light), proceed about 1/2 mile and Convention center is on left. Plenty of free parking out front and behind center.  Off site parking also allowed next door at LivInn Suites and across road.   11355 Chester Road
Sharonville, Ohio 45246

We will be Having a Black Friday sale. Keep checking the blog and Facebook for updates.

We will be giving out a coupon code for Cyber Monday. Keep Checking the blog and Facebook for updates.

Holster Care Guides – Dressing & Stretching

Furthering our emphasis on holster care we’ve updated our site with two new articles on how to care for your holster.
There is a ton of information and misinformation on “dressing your holster” and the proper way to “stretch your holster”. These two articles will clear up any misconceptions you may have and will provide step-by-step guides from the pros, the manufacturers, to insure you are treating your holsters in a way that will allow them to function and last a lifetime.

We strongly recommend these methods for holster care:

Holster Dressing Instructions

Stretching Your Holster

Dressing Your Holster

A much needed article from Mike at
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about how to best care for your leather holster. Following the wrong advice could damage your holster and leave it unusable.
Mike’s experience as a professional and the years of experience Stoner Holsters has working with leather will insure you will be treating your holster properly for a lifetime of service.

Dressing Your Holster

Ten minutes on the internet, and you will see hundreds of different ways that people have tried to condition or “Dress” their holsters.  Many of them swear by their methods whether what they are doing is good or bad for their holsters. Holster manufacturers are the professionals on this topic and should be the only ones you take advice from on this topic.

Read the full article at


Mike Explains the Need for Carrying Extra Ammo

Why Do I Need To Carry Extra Ammo?

As a Retired Veteran Police Officer and Firearms Armorer Mike has been in situations and heard countless stories that make him more than qualified to answer this question.
We posted his article on our site and we believe you’ll find it insightful and useful.

I hear this all the time, “If I can’t hit them with 6 shots, I shouldn’t even be carrying a gun.” I’m here to tell you, if you are only carrying 6 rounds of ammo in your gun, you might as well not even carry one.

FBI crime statistics say that 3 out of 7 sexual assaults are committed by multiple attackers. Stats for burglaries, robberies and hate crimes with multiple attackers may be even higher…

Read the full article here.

Gun Belts – Really Necessary?

Gun Belts – Are They Really Necessary?

We get asked this question a lot and so asked Mike to explain his views and give us an authoritative answer.

A strong, quality Gun Belt is as important as the strong, quality Holster you choose to carry your firearm.

When you carry your firearm, your holster needs to be in the same place every time. When you train with your gun and holster, you develop what is known as muscle memory. This means that you will draw, raise, shoot and reload your firearm the same way every time just as you train to do it…

We invite you to read the full article here.