Dressing Your Holster

A much needed article from Mike at StonerHolsters.com.
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about how to best care for your leather holster. Following the wrong advice could damage your holster and leave it unusable.
Mike’s experience as a professional and the years of experience Stoner Holsters has working with leather will insure you will be treating your holster properly for a lifetime of service.

Dressing Your Holster

Ten minutes on the internet, and you will see hundreds of different ways that people have tried to condition or “Dress” their holsters.  Many of them swear by their methods whether what they are doing is good or bad for their holsters. Holster manufacturers are the professionals on this topic and should be the only ones you take advice from on this topic.

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Mike Explains the Need for Carrying Extra Ammo

Why Do I Need To Carry Extra Ammo?

As a Retired Veteran Police Officer and Firearms Armorer Mike has been in situations and heard countless stories that make him more than qualified to answer this question.
We posted his article on our site and we believe you’ll find it insightful and useful.

I hear this all the time, “If I can’t hit them with 6 shots, I shouldn’t even be carrying a gun.” I’m here to tell you, if you are only carrying 6 rounds of ammo in your gun, you might as well not even carry one.

FBI crime statistics say that 3 out of 7 sexual assaults are committed by multiple attackers. Stats for burglaries, robberies and hate crimes with multiple attackers may be even higher…

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Gun Belts – Really Necessary?

Gun Belts – Are They Really Necessary?

We get asked this question a lot and so asked Mike to explain his views and give us an authoritative answer.

A strong, quality Gun Belt is as important as the strong, quality Holster you choose to carry your firearm.

When you carry your firearm, your holster needs to be in the same place every time. When you train with your gun and holster, you develop what is known as muscle memory. This means that you will draw, raise, shoot and reload your firearm the same way every time just as you train to do it…

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